First blog post

This is my very FIRST blog post…. EVER! I’m not a writer, never have been, I don’t even keep a journal! Well, okay… I keep a gratitude journal, but that is it! I’ve tried to keep a journal before & couldn’t quite write to myself without feeling silly. My girlfriend Denise has kept journals since we were in junior high, and they were amazing! She’d let me read some entries, it was like she was writing a letter to her best friend! I always wanted to be able to write like that, so here I go, learning how to write like that!

I am a certified law of attraction life coach, meditation teacher & level 3 Reiki master. I’ve always had that hippie/gypsy vibe about me. Always toting home different stones when I was a kid, and now I’m toting home different crystals from metaphysical shops.

I’m trying to balance my life between work, family/kids, and friends like most moms! My boyfriend has 1 daughter and I have 1 daughter and 2 sons, which makes this balancing act a little more difficult! We’ve been living together for a year now, so we’re still trying to work out all the kinks and mesh well together.

I hope this can be a place for me to work out some of my stuff! Voice my ideas, share my successes, reflect and learn from my mistakes, and even connect to whoever finds this, reads it & resonates with it!

Thanks for being here, and reading this!  XO


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